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Desired so that you can this web log, I do believe you are looking for Pull-Along Wagons. Now I would like to present to you usually the one product or service that you must discover, it truly is Radio Flyer Ultimate Family WagonTM. When you pay for Radio Flyer Ultimate Family WagonTM merchandise, you have got to be familiar with the quality. On this subject blog post you’ll see more information about Radio Flyer Ultimate Family WagonTM. This approach Radio Flyer Ultimate Family WagonTM is among the most preferred products for the Radio Flyer, and you’ll investigate the details within this blog web site.

The Information from Radio Flyer Ultimate Family WagonTM

Little passengers have five riding positions to choose from.Radio Flyer wagons have sure come a long way since 1923, when the company’s first simple wood wagon went on sale. The Ultimate Family Wagon is a roomy luxury vehicle with five different seating configurations, a separate storage area, safety belts, and an activity table — just to name a few of its features. It also comes with a UV sun protection canopy, as well as an abundance of cup holders (two for the kids; two for the adults). Flip-up seats make for a comfortable ride for kids, but can also be folded flat to haul stuff around. This wagon is big, so if you want a wagon you can take with you on family trips, check the measurements to make sure the Ultimate Family Wagon will fit in your car.

Ultimate Family Wagon

    Ages: 18 months+
What We Think

Fun factor:
Ease of assembly:
Educational factor:
Novelty factor:

The Good: Safety belts, five possible seating configurations, and cup holders for both kids and adults.

The Challenging: Restless children might be able to escape from the lap safety belts, and the wagon could be too big to fit in compact cars.

In a Nutshell: A roomy luxury wagon that protects against sun and rain, and offers lots of storage.

Pack up the cargo space for longer journeys. View larger.

Seatbelts ensure that every ride is a safe ride. View larger.

Built to Last and Made to Enjoy
Made of durable plastic with rubber wheels, the Ultimate Family Wagon is built to last. At first, you might feel nostalgic for the old metal or wood wagons, but you’ll quickly get used to the great features of this contemporary wagon. There is a hole in the bottom that lets water drain out, so you don’t have to worry if it sits out in the rain.

Assembly is fairly easy, although the instructions don’t feature much text, mainly illustrations. We wished, too, that the children’s cup holders were placed somewhere other than at their feet, where little cups could easily get knocked over. Still, your kids will enjoy riding in this big, comfortable, and versatile wagon, which also features a fold-over handle for easier storage.

Safety Features Make It a Standout
The roominess and safety features of the Ultimate Family Wagon really make it a standout. Though built to accommodate two passengers, a child who rides solo in this red and white wagon gets plenty of extra room, and can also use the activity surface for coloring or playing. Parents will enjoy the extra storage in the back. The sun canopy is another fine feature.

Seat belts, too, are an excellent innovation, although children might be able to get free of the simple lap belt if they are too restless. The sturdy rubber tires roll smoothly, and thanks to the front axle with no-tip turning, give kids a safe ride. This premier wagon can be difficult to maneuver in small spaces, but if comfort and roominess are top priorities for you, the Ulimate Family Wagon is an ideal choice.

What’s in the Box
Wagon with two kid cup holders and two adult cup holders; two child seat belts; 4 wheels and parts for assembling wheels; sun canopy with storage bag; and instructions.

Even infants can enjoy riding in the Ultimate Family Wagon. View larger. A collapsible surface can be folded out to provide a table for activities. View larger. The spacious cargo area can accommodate lots of luggage — plus a kid! View larger.

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